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cell phones

To: MG Mail List <>
Subject: cell phones
From: Dennis Calehuff <>
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999 10:38:48 -0400
Hi, whoever recommended "Air Page" cell phone service, thank you. I
called and spoke with Dan Johnson.  Told him that I really just wanted
an emergency ability call.( like if I'm broken down and need to call a
garage or home).  He recommended I contact my existing server and
request a "travel emergency phone system" (often offered to senior
citizens).  No monthly fees, but a high per min. service charge, maybe
This would work great for my family who uses the cell phone maybe 20
min. in a total year.   Presently I'm hooked up with 'Cell One" which I
believe was recently bought-out by AT&T.  I'll be calling on Mon..

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