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Re: my new daily driver

To: "Max Heim" <>
Subject: Re: my new daily driver
From: "Simon Matthews" <>
Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 14:26:26 -0700
On 5/1/06, Max Heim <> wrote:

> I never really cared for those Boxer motors in the Subarus. Noisy, shaky,
> and inherently inefficient compared to an I-4 (insofar as packaging and
> plumbing).

Well, flat-4s can be nice packages. In the AlfaSud was an excellent
F-4. Smooth, revved well (well past the marked limit up to 8000rpm)
and it fit well under the bonnet. WIth the engine placed
longitudinally, the gearbox behind, the whole package was short enough
to have the driveshafts come straight out of the gearbox to the front
wheels. The valves were operated by camshafts acting directly on a
plate attached to the valve stem.  There were 2 lobes per valve and
the valve adjustment was achieved by inserting an allen key through a
hole in the camshaft and screwing the valve up or down in the plate.

Cirtroen also had a FWD/F4 configuration in some cars. This was an
air-cooled engine, with 4 rocker shafts, OHC, and partially aluminium.
Like the AlfaSud, This also featured inboard front disk brakes, with
the brakes attached to the gearbox.


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