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Re: LH Overdrive help needed

To: Chad Cooper <>
Subject: Re: LH Overdrive help needed
From: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 20:16:35 -0500
   I thought about that but then I hit on the idea of a strong magnetic 
pick-up tool applied to the base of the plunger.  The magnetic field 
running thru the plunger and ball was enough to hold the ball in place 
until it was up into the valve orifice and I had to remove the magnet.

   Shows ta go ya: more than one way to skin a cat. (BG)



Chad Cooper wrote:
> Been there Charlie, last time I took a dab of wheel bearing grease and 
> that was enough to hold the ball in place...I only thought of this after 
> three or four attempts with no success.
> Chad
> Charles & Peggy Robinson wrote:
>>  I wonder how many of us lay under the car, scratching our heads for a 
>> while, thinking, "Now how do I get that little ball back up in there 
>> on the tip of that plunger?" (G)
>>  Ray,
>>   You're in the same boat I was in.  I bought my OD tranny from a guy 
>> who assured me it worked before it was taken out.  I installed it on 
>> faith, praying all the while.  What a relief when it worked!
>>   Cheers,
>>    CR
>> Chad Cooper wrote:
>>> Ray,
>>> Make sure the valve ball makes it into place at the tip of the 
>>> solenoid piston.
>>> Chad

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