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Re: Head re-torque

Subject: Re: Head re-torque
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 13:12:38 -0500
There are two types of friction, static and dynamic. In almost all
instances, (I don't recall from my college physics classes any other
way) static friction is always greater than dynamic friction. Thus you
must "break" the nut loose enough to over come the static friction.

Proper torquing proceedure usually means bringing up each head nut/bolt
in 25% increments.  That means you need to follow the torque sequence 4
times. During the last sequence you need to make sure you don't stop
after the nut starts turning until you reach the desired torque. This
usually isn't too hard with "clicker" wrenches, but beam or dial type
require careful manipulation. If you happen to stop before you've
reached the recommended number, then "back off" just enough to break the
fastener loose and pull it up again.


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