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Re: Head re-torque

Subject: Re: Head re-torque
Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 21:35:38 -0500
 While probably not the final skinny, here's what my aircraft and
automotive mechanic brother had to say.

1)  Look at what the hot rodders do. Except for the differences in
engine size, the techniques are almost always the same.

2)  The head is re-torqued TWICE.  The first time is after that initial
20 minute run-in to break in the cam, lifters, etc.  The second is at
about 500 miles.  The head is re-torqued COLD.

3)  Head studs or bolts are to lubricated with a thread lubricant, not
oil. He mentioned some name which I can't remember. He did see I have a
bottle of COPPER antiseize and taking a quick look at it's uses noted
that it is intended for head bolts and manifold studs to prevent

4)  You loosen ONE nut at a time and retorque in the same sequence as
given in the manual. That means you "break" number one loose enough so
the torque wrench will read correctly, and then pull it back up to spec.
Then go to number two and do likewise. DO NOT loosen all of the nuts and
then torque.


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