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Re: Brake Trouble! UPDATE!

To: "Paul Hunt" <>,
Subject: Re: Brake Trouble! UPDATE!
From: Barrie Robinson <>
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 11:41:46 -0400
I am with Paul on this one regarding all these aids to driving.   The 
end result will be that the driver need not steer,  accelerate, 
brake, or even switch on or off the engine.   I believe that they are 
working on such a machine and it is rapidly coming to be a 
reality.  They are going to call it the omnibus!

At 10:03 AM 10/17/2006, Paul Hunt wrote:
>So how does it prevent you being thrown to one side or the other due 
>to unbalanced braking, which has never happened when ABS has been 
>invoked in any car I have been in?  And it isn't 
>counter-steering.  Some years ago a UK motoring program showed that 
>ABS significantly increased the stopping distance in the wet, over a 
>driver practising cadence braking.  But its onward march has been 
>remorseless.  Now we have Electronic Stability Program for twats who 
>go faster into a corner than they can control, lane something or 
>other for people who doze off or who are catching up on their office 
>paperwork, and now radar distance control so they don't even have to 
>use the accelerator or brake in heavy traffic.  All these aids are 
>for people who shouldn't be allowed behind the wheel of a car, like 
>the bloke who (reputedly) successfully sued in America after 
>crashing his camper van when he left the driving seat to go into the 
>back while moving, saying the drivers manual didn't say he shouldn't.
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>>ABS monitors each wheel independently, applying braking as needed to keep
>>each wheel from lockup.


Barrie Robinson 

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