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Re: [Mgs] What is the "Kent Collection"?

Subject: Re: [Mgs] What is the "Kent Collection"?
From: Steven Trovato <>
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 12:11:27 -0400
I, for one, am happy to get the emails about the Kent Collection and 
the car collector homes.  I have recently won the lottery in several 
countries that I have never even visited!  I am assisting a number of 
foreign bankers to claim deceased depositors' money.  And several 
African princes are going to deposit large sums of money in my bank 
account.  Once these funds arrive, I will be purchasing many vehicles 
from the Kent Collection, and I will certainly need a huge car 
collector home to house them.  People say these are difficult 
economic times.  I don't get it.  I have millions headed for my bank 
account, just for answering some emails.

-Steve Trovato   (<---Attention royalty and bankers, make 
sure you get the spelling right)


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