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[Nobbc] MG Vintage Races at Infineon on Sat April 2

To: "'North Bay British Car Club'" <>
Subject: [Nobbc] MG Vintage Races at Infineon on Sat April 2
From: "Andy Preston" <>
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2011 10:42:42 -0700
The MG Owners would like to invite the NoBBC to join them on Saturday April
2, 2011 at the Infineon raceway for the MG vintage races along with CSRG
racers.  This includes a mid day drive around the track for MGs.  I've
included the following notice from the MGOC for this event.  Hope that many
of you can make it.


MGVR/CSRG at Infineon Raceway April 1 - 3, 2011

So, do you want the electrifying opportunity to watch MGs race around the
2.7 mile Infineon racetrack in Sonoma? Want the chance to ride in a
race-prepared car at race speeds the same day? How about the chance to drive
your own MG around the Infineon road course in special MG parade laps during
the racers' lunch break? If any or all of that sounds exciting to you, plan
to join fellow MGOC members on Saturday, April 2, 2011 for a full day of

As you have no doubt seen in previous announcements, the MG Vintage Racers
(MGVR) is holding its 30th Anniversary Focus Event along with the Classic
Sport Racing Group (CSRG) at Infineon the first weekend of April. With MG
being the featured marque of the weekend, MGOC has a full day planned and we
look forward to you all joining us.

The events the MGOC are involved in take place on Saturday April 2, 2011.
The MGOC is hosting a hospitality tent at the track, with special parking
arrangements for those in MGs, and that all-important midday drive around
the track. For those who have never had the chance to drive on a racetrack
this is a terrific opportunity.

To participate, meet no later than 8:30am at the Port Sonoma parking lot on
the eastbound side of California Rt. 37, a short distance from U.S. Rt. 101.
>From there we will depart at 9:00am with Andy & Marla Preston leading our
procession on the short drive to the track. After arriving, we'll sign
waivers against claims, have our cars inspected before going on the track
later, and then sit down to enjoy the morning timed practices.

Timed practices begin at 8:45am and end at 11:20am with a short break around
10:00am. Qualifying races for the various MGVR groups begin at 1:30pm and
continue until the track closes at 5:15pm.

The Charity Track Rides are scheduled from 11:00am to noon. You can be a
passenger in one of the featured racers with your donation for the ride
going to charity. The cost of those rides starts at $50.00 and if you ask
anyone who has had the chance to do it before, it is thrilling!!! If you
plan to take one of these Charity Rides you must wear long pants and a long
sleeve shirt. Helmets are also required, and loaners are available at the
track. Get in line early of you want to experience the thrill of racing -
this is a very popular activity.

>From approximately 12:20pm to 1:20pm you and your fellow MG owners and
drivers will take parade laps around the track. These are meant to showcase
the MG marque and it is a wonderful experience though racing and passing are
strictly prohibited.

MGVR/CSRG have teamed with the Rotary Club of Central Marin in an
opportunity to raise funds for charitable activities. The cost, payable at
the gate, is $25.00 per person with 60% of the revenue going to the Rotary
Foundation of Central Marin, 20% to Infineon Raceway's Speedway Children's
Charities, and the remaining 20% used to offset track and host organizations

This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy racing as it was years ago with MGs
racing and winning notable international competitions, not to mention the
track time in your own car and, for those you not faint of heart, race
speeds on the course.

We must give CSRG a count of attendees who will participate in the midday
parade laps. For those inclined, please RSVP to Sam Gearhart at

We look forward to seeing you all there. Don't forget to stop by the MGOC
Hospitality Tent and have a cup of coffee in the morning when you arrive.

Sam Gearhart, President MGOC
Suggested annual donation  $11.47

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