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Re: siamese compressors

Subject: Re: siamese compressors
From: Mike Sloane <>
Date: Fri, 03 Sep 1999 06:21:25 -0400
I would be interested in other's replies to this message, as I have a
similar Keystone compressor that I am planning to use in the shop. I
would think, however that one of them would do the job by itself. But I
think you could just put a "T" in the outlets and run one hose. But I
would set the "cut in" pressures so that they don't both try to start at
the same time. As far a wiring, I was going to use the same outlet and
cable as they sell for stick welders and use 12/3 from the service


Fred Zampa wrote:
> Hello all:
>          I have two large Gilbarco gas station compressors
> which I would like to run in tandem in the hope of getting enough air to
> sandblast without frustration.
> How do I go about hooking them up ?
>  I thought I might just take my air off one compressor in the usual way and
> then connect the standard outlet of the second compressor to the tank of
> the first one.  Do I need a one- way valve anywhere?
>   The compressors have slightly different bores, tank sizes,
> and pressure shut off settings. will this lack of match be a problem ?
>   What size wire do I use to run two 20amp , 220volt units ?
>     Any other ideas ?
>              thanks, Fred Zampa


Mike Sloane
Allamuchy NJ


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