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Re: Siamese Compressors

Subject: Re: Siamese Compressors
From: Mike Frerichs <>
Date: Fri, 03 Sep 1999 19:27:56 -0500
Apparently I'm missing something you're saying.  I'm going to go through it step
by step and you tell me what I'm missing.

> With out the check valves the first compressor to start  will be filling
> both tanks. Depending where the lower one cuts in at the first on can
> override it by filling the other tank and you end up with one compressor
> and two tanks.

This I agree with.

> With the check valves you will only draw air from the one
> with the higher pressure.

Are you talking about a system where the cut in/cut out ranges of the two
compressors don't overlap at all?  That's the only way you would only draw air
from just one tank.  Otherwise, when the pressure from tank A dropped below the
pressure in tank B, you would start drawing from both tanks.

If I had a two compressor system and was using more air than one compressor 
supply, I would want the two cut in/cut out ranges to be as close as possible
(though not exactly the same, for startup power reasons) so that tank pressure
would be maintained at a higher level.  If the two ranges didn't overlap, 
would only be maintained somewhere in the lower range where both compressors are

Mike Frerichs

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