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Re: Covering fiberglass insulation in attic?

To: Shop Talk <>
Subject: Re: Covering fiberglass insulation in attic?
From: Douglas Shook <>
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2000 20:37:40 -0800
Steven Trovato wrote:
> Mike,
> I think you are saying that the fiberglass is located on the angled
> underside of the roof, rather on the flat top of the sheetrock.  


Once I look at it again, I think you are right -- they must have
stapled the fiberglass to the rafters, for some reason that is
not clear to me.

I also think you are right about peg board not being a sufficient
material for flooring.  From how I read this post the first time,
I thought he had exposed batts between the attic floor joists and
he was just stacking boxes, or whatever, straddling the joists. 
I was just suggesting that peg board could be used in this
situation to contain the fiberglass.

As I read it again,though, it sounds like maybe there is a floor
in the attic, and they insulated the rafters, in which case, if
the batts between the rafters have kraft backing facing the
interior of the attic, he should be able to get away with nailing
up most any material to contain the fiberglass.  If he uses
plastic (I'm almost certain that exposed plastic used in this
manner will violate some fire code), that too would serve as a
vapor barrier.

I guess I would offer up again, though, that if he is not
inducing large quantities of moisture into the garage (e.g., via
an unvented heater), it really is not much of an issue for a
garage.  This is a major issue in a well insulated, weather
stripped, tightly-sealed home where one is taking showers,
boiling water, etc.


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