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Re: Batt. cutoff switch

Subject: Re: Batt. cutoff switch
From: Bob Hamilton <>
Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2000 20:53:33 -0400

         All my Sunbeam Talbots are POS ground and I have the cutoff switch 
on the NEG side which is the hot side in this situation. Never had a 
problem and don't understand why it would cause a problem. The ones I use 
are the type that mount directly on the battery post and has a green knob, 
CCW disconnects and CW connects.


At 02:31 PM 2/9/2000 -0500, wrote:

>A question came up on the Spridgets list about which line to use
>when installing a battery cutoff switch in a car.  The concensus is
>to install it in the line that goes to the chassis...that is, the neg.
>cable on a neg. ground car or the pos. cable on a pos. ground car.
>But, no one can explain why.
>Can anyone here take a shot at the reason?  Or give me any other
>info about batt. cutoff switches?
>Allen Hefner
>Philly Region SCCA Rally Steward
>'77 MG Midget
>'92 Mitsubishi Expo LRV Sport

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