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Re: Anti-seize

To: James Babcock <>
Subject: Re: Anti-seize
From: Randall <>
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 10:25:05 -0800
Just as there are "O2 sensor safe" gasket makers, there are also "O2
sensor safe" anti-siezes.  Check the package.  If it was made in the
last 10 years or so, and doesn't say "sensor safe", it probably isn't. 
Before that, I believe the nickel and copper based ones were OK, but the
lead or zinc ones weren't.  Unfortunately, many of them use a mixture,
and it's hard to tell.


James Babcock wrote:
> I thought so too until I replaced an O2 sensor.  The new one came with
> a small amount of silver anti-seize on the threads and several parts
> guys said that it's the stuff to use.
> Jim

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