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The Rodent Report......

To: <>
Subject: The Rodent Report......
From: "Gerald J. Brazil" <>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 14:41:49 -0500
A few weeks ago I asked this group for ideas to discourage rodents from
taking up residence in my rusty red pickup truck when I store it for 6
months or so at our Little House on the Prairie. Well, it may be a testimony
to the general affluence of the group and their lack of familiarity with
rodents, but I didn't really get much. Certainly not like the response I'd
get if I asked the group for information about parts washers or phones in
the shop. But anyway, thanks to those of you who did contribute.

I will summarize the most important recommendations:
1) Many large feral cats.......this would be effective, but I find cat pee
almost as offensive as rodents.
2) Snakes.....I've already got those, but they take the winter off.
3) Shaving a bar of Irish Spring soap all around the area. Probably the most
unusual idea offered. I wonder what is magical about Irish Spring? (maybe
the guy suggesting it was English?) Anyway, it is cheap and worth a try.

No one offered any opinions on the technique of leaving the hood open. I'd
still like to know if that works. Guess it is sort of like the Irish won't cost me much to try it.

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