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RE: The Rodent Report......

Subject: RE: The Rodent Report......
From: Carol <>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 16:37:46 -0600
They don't like the camphor smell of the moth balls. I have a natural creek
behind my house so naturally there are natural critters around. Several
times a year we all throw natural (?) mothballs around in our attics to
deter non-paying guests, including squirrels and other rodents. 

My guess on the Irish Spring is that it has an odor that is also offensive
to the varmints. FWIW, I'm not a varmint, and I don't much care for the
smell of it either!!  ;-)


At 04:29 PM 2/17/00 -0500, Lin, Gary wrote:
>How about placing a bunch of mothballs around cozy spots in the engine /
>interior?  The smell ought to bother them.  And leave the hood up so it's
>not dark and cozy either. ;-)
>Gary Lin   National Capital Ch. BMW CCA   '88 325is   '85 325eis
>Metro Washington Council of Sports Car Clubs
>Gerald Brazil summarized:
>> A few weeks ago I asked this group for ideas to discourage rodents from
>> taking up residence in my rusty red pickup truck when I store it for 6
>> months or so at our Little House on the Prairie. Well, it may be a
>> testimony
>> to the general affluence of the group and their lack of familiarity with
>> rodents, but I didn't really get much. Certainly not like the response I'd
>> get if I asked the group for information about parts washers or phones in
>> the shop. But anyway, thanks to those of you who did contribute.
>> I will summarize the most important recommendations:
>> 1) Many large feral cats.......this would be effective, but I find cat pee
>> almost as offensive as rodents.
>> 2) Snakes.....I've already got those, but they take the winter off.
>> 3) Shaving a bar of Irish Spring soap all around the area. Probably the
>> most
>> unusual idea offered. I wonder what is magical about Irish Spring? (maybe
>> the guy suggesting it was English?) Anyway, it is cheap and worth a try.
>> No one offered any opinions on the technique of leaving the hood open. I'd
>> still like to know if that works. Guess it is sort of like the Irish
>> won't cost me much to try it.

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