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RE: The Rodent Report......

Subject: RE: The Rodent Report......
From: Chuck Rothfuss <>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 19:48:55 -0500

  Very interesting exchanges on this topic, so as a fella who had mice
living in the headliner of his '72 Grand Prix I figured it was time to add
my bit.

  This was a trick my Dad used to keep the rabbits out of the carrot patch.
Don't know how it'll work for mice/rats but it sure scared them rabbits
away.  He'd sprinkle dried blood around the perimeter of the garden every
couple days. (since rain & dew would wash it away)  I watched a couple
rabbits approach the garden, sniff the air, and then run away like...well,
like rabbits.  Apparently the smell of what they must've thought was fresh
death scared them.  

  That kinda makes me wonder how mice and other rodents would react to other
natural smells.  How about if you skipped the outdoor cat population and
just put some smelly litter box samples from the inside cats around the
barn.  Would that make the rodents think there were cats living there, or
would they just think you had a smelly barn? 

Chuck "3 big tom cats and an old momma cat to keep mice out of the house"
Pole Cat Hollow, NC

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