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Re: The Rodent Report......

Subject: Re: The Rodent Report......
From: Chuck Rothfuss <>
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 09:52:00 -0500
Ralph, List,

  I know this is the shop-talk list, so I'm gonna talk shop cats.  Best
mousers I've ever known were female calico cats.  For some reason these cats
often have extra digits (claws) on their front paws and are especially good
at catching and holding things.  I've seen two over the years (from
different calico families) with 6 claws on each front paw and an old momma
cat who has 7 fully functional claws on each front paw.  She has the extra
two arranged toward the inside of the foot, where they look and function
like a two clawed thumb.  She is deadly, and eats anything that moves.
Grandma still has Momma Cat and one of her female kittens living in her barn.  
  All I've got now are three good-for-nothin big tom cats and one old female
cat... but no mice.

Chuck Rothfuss
Pole Cat Hollow, NC

At 07:06 PM 2/18/2000 -0500, Ralph Cordell wrote:
>In my humble opinion, the best advice I can give is to get a cat like the folks
>have been saying.  The latter comments especially about one from a family of
>hunters and how to keep them happy and hanging around.

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