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Re: new home wiring/electric car

To: "Lee S. Mairs" <>
Subject: Re: new home wiring/electric car
From: Susan and Mark Miller <>
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 21:00:43 -0800
I looked up at where they say a
typical 'level 2' charger hookup is  240V/40A.  You can also recharge off of a
standard 115VAC 3 wire hookup in a pinch but it takes quite a while.

When in doubt, overkill.

Mark 'measure once, curse twice' Miller

"Lee S. Mairs" wrote:

> Me thinks the power requirement for a battery charger for an all-electric
> car is no great shakes and shouldn't require monster conduit considerations.
> For example, suppose you were charging 12 VDC cells (probably 6VDC cells in
> series-parallel connection), a 70 amp hour charge rate would require 70*12 =
> 840 watts translating to 840/120 = 7 amperes at 120 VAC.  Running it
> backwards, a 15 ampere house circuit would produce 15*120 = 1,800 watts
> translating into a 150 amp hour DC charge at 12 Volts.  Of course, the
> battery charge won't be 100% efficient as these calculations assume, but
> still indicate nothing special as far as AC current is required.
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