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Subject: Buildings
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 15:57:19 -0500
OK, after less than a year in the new place, I've decided to turn my
existing shop (a 30' X 100' 1 floor shop) into horse stables and build a
new shop.

I know that every now and then we talk about steel building. I was
wondering if anyone had any follow up on them.
Also, I don't know how big to make it. (I was thinking 40'X40')  But I'm
thinking that might be overkill.

Does anyone have information on distributors of these buildings?  (I've
only found "US Buildings" on the web so far)

What about ceiling height?  I was thinking 12' ceiling with a 10' door.
That should be big enough for the backhoe and most trucks.  Anyone have any
thoughts on that?

Next, heat.  I live in the northeast and winters are cold.  I don't think
"radiant floor" is a good solution because I will not need to keep it warm
all the time.  (I'll keep the plumbing to "weather proof" type)  But when
I'm in there, I want to heat it up. RF is not the way to change temp
quickly either.

Any more ideas, thoughts, etc?



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