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RE: Isocyanates and activated charcoal adsorption (long)

Subject: RE: Isocyanates and activated charcoal adsorption (long)
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 17:54:59 -0600
>From what I have been reading here, it doesn't matter if the charcoal
respirators were 110% effective at removing isocyanates. The masks would
still leak slightly. So the only safe approach uses a positive air pressure

So what would one use in the absence of these modern paints?

Ken Landaiche

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[excellent excerpts elided]

>   Forced air, or no modern paints.

That's a fine and reasonable stance. Again, I'm not advocating that people
treat this lightly. I am, however, still of the understanding that activated
charcoal respirators will adsorb isocyanates. The failing of these
respirators is in the lack of warning odors signaling the end of
effectiveness of the cartridge.

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