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Re: modern paint, old car

To: Jim Juhas <>
Subject: Re: modern paint, old car
From: Roland Wilhelmy <>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 16:37:12 -0800
I bought a Wagner Capspray turbine HVLP setup, which is big enough to
supply both the gun and me with good air from 50 feet away outside the
garage/spray booth.  Since it is a turbine there is no risk of oil
vapors or CO.  I am sure it isn't sold for this purpose and I wouldn't
take the responsibility of recommending its use, but I have used it
with two different hoods and several gallons of isocyanate hardened
paint and about a ton of silica sand for blasting.  Trapping the paint
overspray on its way out of the garage in a water bath is a bit of a
challenge.  Ordinary garden hose fittings fit the turbine and adapt to
the hoods.  I use drinking water quality hose in the hope that if it's
OK for water it's OK for air, too.  The turbine HVLP gun isn't ideal
for top coats, although I used it for them, but it works just fine for
epoxy primer and things like that.  


On Wed, 28 Feb 2001 15:49:31 -0500, Jim Juhas <>

:: I bought a HobbyAir system from Eastwood a few years ago.  There are 
:: considerations beyond comparing its price to that of having a car 
:refinished.  The
:: forced air system has applications other than painting.  Long welding stints 
:: much more pleasant with a source of fresh air.  Same with sand blasting.  The
:: system also remedies a continuing problem I've had with both these processes:
:: fogging glasses and goggles.  I never considered these advantages when I 
:: mine.  My sole concern at the time was poison paint.  Had I known these other
:: advantages, I wouldn't have waited as long as I did.

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