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RE: two birds.

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Subject: RE: two birds.
From: "Randall Young" <>
Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 13:04:56 -0800
> Why not cut some holes in this tank and make it an outdoor "fireplace".
> Then I can just pull boards off the barn and throw it in the tank
> and burn
> it.  Much cheaper and much more efficient.  (and since it's enclosed
> fireplace, there is no permit needed)
> Any feedback on if this isn't a good idea?  I've already designed in my
> head how to make the stove.  Any feedback, comments, etc?

As someone said, it's going to take a long time ... otherwise I don't see a
problem.  Of course, the more 'enclosed' you make your stove, the longer it
will take to burn all that wood, so I'd probably go as open as possible
without running too badly afoul of local ordinances.

But I'll also second the motion to give it away.  Put a sign on the highway
or in the local paper for "free wood", then hang around to be sure they only
take the wood you don't want !

> Now, there is some painted wood, is there a problem with me burning that?

The problem would be if the paint is old enough to have lead in it.  The
lead burns to lead oxide, which is poisonous to almost any living thing with
a nervous system (and not biodegradable).  It's also a cumulative, systemic
poison, meaning that even if you don't get sick today, you (or your kids)
might get sick from it 20 years from now.  I believe you can still buy test
kits to test for the presence of lead.

Of course, if it does have lead, then burning it may not be any worse than
dumping it in the local landfill...


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