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RE: Infrared heaters question

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Subject: RE: Infrared heaters question
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Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 09:10:22 -0800

Since you have that 2" air space, it might help the economics to insulate it 
with something like 2" Styrofoam boards, especially the roof. IIRC that ~80% of 
a home's heat is lost through the roof, assuming no insulation.


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though it is just tarp it is well sealed with another layer of tarp on the
inside with an air space of about 2 inches so there should be some minor
insulation there. 

So the question now is:
Which is going to be more economical kerosene or propane?
Which will get the surface to an acceptable temperature (55 degrees) better,
radiant or forced air to heat the whole area?

Remember, which ever heat source I use it will be off when any flammable
vapors are present, so radiant might be better if it heats the sheetmetal
instead of the air. Since Northern Tool has forced air heaters in kerosene
or propane putting out 45,000 btu/hour for under $150 cost is no longer the


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