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Re: Lifts

To: Derek <>
Subject: Re: Lifts
From: Dave & Marlene <>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 19:06:39 -0600

I agree with Derek on the pad height definition. As for the needed 
concrete thickness, with the two 17 inch square base plates & a total 
weight of 11,325 pounds (lift weight plus max capacity) there would only 
be about 20 pounds per square inch load on the concrete floor. If there 
were only one 17 x 17 base plate the load would still only be 40 psi.

For a comparison, a 8,000 pound vehicle sitting on a four by four inch 
tire contact patch would apply about 125 pounds per square inch to the 
concrete. A four inch slab should be more than adequate.

Dave Russell

Derek wrote:
> Wayne
> The specs on the web page you reference state - 
>  - "Minimum pad height 4"/102mm"
> Isn't that the minimum height of the steel arms (and pads)
> that need to go under the vehicle before lifting?
> I don't think there is any concrete "pad" spec called put -
> at least not on that page. I agree that 4" concrete seems
> too little - but I'm not a concrete engineer.
> Derek
> --- Wayne Farrington <> wrote:
>>Well, I've come to the end of my rope regarding not
>>having a lift in my shop,
>>so I'm going to buy one. Thinking about this one:
>>Anybody have this model? The specs call for a 4" minimum
>>slab. My shop has a
>>~4" slab but that seems awfully thin for a 10K lift? I
>>will be lifting my 3/4
>>ton ext. cab pickup with this thing. It looks like there
>>is already a "stress"
>>crack in the concrete running near the area where the
>>base plate will be
>>bolted down. How hard is it to pour a thicker flush pad
>>within the existing 4"
>>slab? How do I "connect" the thick pad with the existing

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