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Re: Parking Lifts: Starting to get serious

To: Shop-Talk Talk <>
Subject: Re: Parking Lifts: Starting to get serious
From: Bill Rabel <>
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 17:03:45 -0800
The saga continues.

Cytech is still in business. When I tried to call Cytech's 800 number  
a second time, the call went through and I left a message. Bill  
Lewis, the owner, called me back today. He is still building his own  
lifts in Kansas. The price no longer includes shipping, and the unit  
costs about $3,500. He also no longer takes credit cards (giving the  
buyer no recourse for non-delivery, unfortunately). His explanation  
for the website being down was that it is being "redesigned",  
although the notation is "suspended" when you try to go there. As  
much as I like his product, I would suggest caution.

>>> Cytech is out of business. I had a lift on order for over a year,  
>>> and
>>> the owner kept stalling me. He said they were waiting for hydraulic
>>> pumps, for aluminum, for steel, and once even said it was being
>>> prepped for shipment. I expect he had a stack of orders and no  
>>> source
>>> of steel that was cheap enough to allow him to sell at a profit. I
>>> had to threaten suit to get a refund. Nice guy, but he was blind-  
>>> sided by circumstances.
>>> - Bill Rabel
>>>  Anacortes, WA
>> Doug wrote:
>> This was recently?  Their web site still claims
>> "Call or e-mail today with your order - we will ship the next  
>> business day! "
>> I think with the recent price increases and shortages of steel, I
>> would be wary of ordering any $1999 lift...
> I went to the Cytech website today <>, and  
> the account is suspended. There is no answer from their 800 number.  
> I guess I'm going to order an Eagle unit, which is made offshore,  
> for under $2,000.00. You can still buy their U.S.-made unit for  
> about $3,500.00. I bought a Hoist weight machine, which is  
> fabricated offshore, and I think that the quality will be fine, as  
> long as Eagle did their homework.

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