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Re: Shelving units

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Subject: Re: Shelving units
From: "Bill Gilroy" <>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 21:09:14 -0800
This is what I did.  I had a high quality commercial unit that had 7 foot
uprights.  I cut them to 6' so the could fit in the crawl space.  I then set
them up with 3 shelves not 5.  I took the 2 extra pieces of press board and
made  a frame to hold them.  Then I purchased one of those HD units that can
make one 6 foot or two 3 foot units.  That gives me plenty of shelves in the
crawl space.  And the it was much quicker then building my own.

Then in my shed I put in one of the 5 shelf snap together resin units.  I
think I am covered for storage.

In the end it made more sense to buy units, faster, almost as cheap and I am
not really loading them with lots of weight so they should be fine.


On 2/14/06, Bill Gilroy <> wrote:
> This is a simple question.  I need to put some shelves in my crawl space
> to use for storage.  It is 5 feet from the floor to the bottom of the floor
> joists.  I can build some shelves or buy some shelving units.  But I figure
> what ever I do or build someone else may have done it better.  The shelves
> don't have to hold very much weight, things like xmas decorations, small
> parts, etc.  If I have access from both side I think 3 feet would be the
> depth and if only have access from one side 2 foot would be good.  I would
> like to keep the cost down and free standing would be better, that way I
> move around if needed.  Any ideas or pointers?  Things you would have done
> differently?
> Bill Gilroy

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