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Re: Shelving units

To: "Bill Gilroy" <>,
Subject: Re: Shelving units
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Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 09:05:01 -0500
Bill Gilroy asked:

> This is a simple question.  I need to put some shelves in my
> crawl space to use for storage.  It is 5 feet from the floor to
> the bottom of the floor joists.  I can build some shelves or buy
> some shelving units.  But I figure what ever I do or build
> someone else may have done it better.  ! &

"industrial shelving", "industrial shelves", "steel shelving", "steel
shelves", "metal shelving", "metal shelves"

Also check the phone book for places in your area that sell used industrial
/ commercial steel shelving units.  They typically purchase these from
companies that go out of business, they clean them up and resell them.  In
Philly these are the guys:   They are more
expensive than eBay.

I tend to buy all of our shelving, for my business, on eBay.  The advantages
are it is dirt cheap (usually under $10 per shelving unit) and the units are
already assembled, a real help on the older nut&bolt style.  We also have a
ton of Edsal clip shelving, which is great, all 18GA steel, full metal back
and it goes together quick... 7'x18x36, each unit was $20 and in perfect

When we need deeper shelves, I will double or triple stack some 12x36 or
18x36 shelves, to arrive at the depth we need.  In your case, as you had a
height limitation, just cut the shelving uprights to size with a
reciprocating saw or something else.

All of the shelving I have bought over the years is much better than the
consumer grade stuff they sell at Lowes/HD/Walmart/etc.



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