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Re: [Shop-talk] Water heater problem

To: Rich White <>
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Water heater problem
From: Brian Kemp <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 19:27:53 -0800

I have the same issue in my new house and will probably be replacing the 
heater in the next few months.  One thing you can do to help the heaters 
is to periodically drain then to flush out sediment.  If you do this 
every year or so, it helps with the efficiency of the tank.  If you have 
not done this in 15 years, don't as it will probably lead to a leak.  I 
was up to 23 years on my gas hot water tank on the house I just sold 
after doing this for 10 years.  I don't know the condition of the anode 
rod as it was fused to the tank.  The tank was outside (coastal Los 
Angeles), so I wasn't too concerned about leaks.  Interestingly, the 
buyer's home inspector didn't point this out as an issue even though I 
disclosed the estimated age of the tank and that the T&P valve was just 
replaced because it leaked when tested.

I second the recommendation to check the temperature of the hot water at 
a faucet for a few days to confirm that it is a water heater problem and 
not some sediment messing with your shower valve.  With a 15 year old 
tank, I go along with the other people that recommend replacing it 
instead of putting much effort into solving the temperature issue.


Rich White wrote:
> Periodically our water heater does not get the water very hot.  Most of the
> time, the first shower of the morning is nice and hot even requiring some cold
> water to be added to the mix.  Sometimes it is only warm with no cold water
> added.  It is like the heater is not always heating the water to the same
> temperature.  It is a fifteen year old gas water heater.  Any ideas what to
> look for?
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