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Re: [Shop-talk] cutting exhaust pipe

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] cutting exhaust pipe
From: "Arvid Jedlicka" <>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2010 16:52:49 -0600
IMHO ... it depends on where you want to cut it and what's around it.

My first thought would be the sawz-all but that would only be if it was 
reasonably attached to something. My experience with them is they cut great 
as long as what you are cutting will "stand still", but if it wiggles just a 
little then the saw blade will move what ever I am cutting back and forth 
but not actually cut it. And a very fine tooth metal blade would be best.

Second would be the angle grinder with a cutoff wheel. The hard part with 
that might be getting all the way around the pipe as you would need a 7 inch 
diameter wheel to cut all the way thru a 3 inch pipe from just one side.

Last would be the die grinder. I have all three tools available to me and I 
have to admit that the die grinder would never have occurred to me for such 
a task.

As I said, depends on where the cut will be made and what ... like the floor 
pan ... is around it that will either get in the way of the sawz-all blade 
or the angle grinder.


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Subject: [Shop-talk] cutting exhaust pipe

I have a tailpipe that I need to cut to get out of the car.
It's stainless, 3" diameter.  I'm putting a rorty exhaust on my Mazdaspeed3.

I have a sawz-all, an air die grinder and an angle grinder.

Which is the best tool to use (cutoff wheel in the grinders).

Or should I buy an exhaust cutoff tool?

I assume that a hacksaw will take forever.

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