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Re: [Shop-talk] multimeter recommendations

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] multimeter recommendations
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Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2020 21:30:23 -0500
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All good advice so far.   I have a Simpson 260 and it's Triplett twin the 630,  
a Fluke 77 and an 88 and a dozen HF throwaways...  I use the HF for quick go/ 
no go auto work and continuity. The test leads are the first fail point with 
them.. and a good set of test leads is worth more than the meter.  The flukes 
do the work away from the bench but every time I pull that 260 out of it's case 
it's like greeting a old good friend.  You can't peek a transceiver with a 
digital meter but you can see a meter movement (mirrored of course) with a 
milliamp change.   It's as fragile as a baby if dropped so it's set on the back 
of the bench when in use..  If all you want is homeowner stuff and not doing 
electronics go with what you can afford, go with a Klein or a Sperry or any of 
a dozen ebay specials  but I wouldn't spend over a hundred fifty bucks...  
You'll probably outlive it.


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I may get blasted for this, but I use a Harbor Freight cheapo meter for 99% of 
the automotive, home and shop stuff that I do.  I checked against my Fluke 
(before it died) and they were essentially identical.  

The build quality is definitely different.  The case and especially the leads 
are quite poor in the HF multimeter, but it does perform accurately and they 
are definitely priced as disposable units.  


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Good evening, all. So, my trusty craftsman multimeter has decided to give up 
the ghost and Iâ??m seeking insights on what I might replace it with.

Looked at the Fluke website, and reminded myself why I bought the craftsman in 
the first place. Not saying the Fluke stuff isnâ??t rock solid, but value for 
the dollar spent when youâ??re a casual user really isnâ??t there. Applications 
are home and automotive in nature.

Basic functionality:
AC/DC voltage, resistance/continuity are must haves thermocouple inputs are a 
highly rated nice to have Autoranging is also a must have

What are folks out there using that you would recommend?


Tom Coradeschi

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