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Re: [Shop-talk] multimeter recommendations

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] multimeter recommendations
From: Tom Coradeschi <>
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2020 22:56:13 -0400
References: <>
Thanks, all, for your recommendations!

AstroAI Digital Multimeter at 35 buck price point is on its way. Free return if 
I donâ??t like it, so...

Tom Coradeschi

> On 21 Aug 2020, at 7:24 PM, Tom Coradeschi <> wrote:
> Good evening, all. So, my trusty craftsman multimeter has decided to give up 
> the ghost and Iâ??m seeking insights on what I might replace it with.
> Looked at the Fluke website, and reminded myself why I bought the craftsman 
> in the first place. Not saying the Fluke stuff isnâ??t rock solid, but value 
> for the dollar spent when youâ??re a casual user really isnâ??t there. 
> Applications are home and automotive in nature.
> Basic functionality:
> AC/DC voltage, resistance/continuity are must haves
> thermocouple inputs are a highly rated nice to have
> Autoranging is also a must have
> What are folks out there using that you would recommend?
> Thanks.
> â??
> Tom Coradeschi
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