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Re: [Shop-talk] Tire Pressure Gauges

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Tire Pressure Gauges
From: Bob Spidell <>
Date: Sun, 29 May 2022 17:12:53 -0700
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I've had good luck with these:

You don't know for sure how accurate a gauge is unless you compare it to 
a lab standard, but repeatability is a good sign, and these always do. 
FWIW, they agree with the TPS monitor in my Mustang.


On 5/29/2022 10:11 AM, Jeff Scarbrough wrote:
> A couple of tire pressure gauge questions:
> I got tired of cheap Horrible Freight tire inflators, so I sprung for 
> a brace of Milton S-506 inflators, thinking of they were good enough 
> for the gas station of my youth, they ought to be ok now.  One in the 
> garage, one in the shop...they don't see a ton of use.  Last week, I 
> was filling bicycle tires in the garage with the hotdog compressor, 
> and couldn't get the air up sufficiently in the tire.  Finally went to 
> get another electronic gauge quit, and my 50 years old 
> Bridgeport Brass gauge needs rebuilding, so I grabbed the.othwr Milton 
> inflator.  Turns out, I had missed blowing up the bicycle tires only 
> by a miracle of Chinese rubber.  One inflator reads 50 psi while the 
> other one reads 90.
> So, like when two inmates at the asylum both claim to be Napoleon, at 
> least one of them is lying. And at least one will need repairing.
> So, two questions:.
> 1.  Any suggestions for a good reliable electronic or analog pressure 
> gauge to verify/calibrate the inflators?  (I also need one to put in 
> my daughter's car, so gloveboxability is a plus).
> 2.  Anyone ever repair a Milton (or Bridgeport) tire gauge?  Any 
> suggestions?  The Milton's aren't very old, especially in terms of 
> what we old guys expect from our expensive American made tools.
> Bonus question:. How might one calibrate a pressure gauge against a 
> primary source?  I'm thinking of a water column or something, but 35 
> psi is approximately 80 feet of water.  I'm finding that impractical 
> for home use.

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