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RE: SPITFIRE Engine side plates

To: spitfires@Autox.Team.Net, sbarr@mccarty-law.com
Subject: RE: SPITFIRE Engine side plates
From: "Ryan Smith" <shmitty99@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998 16:09:44 PDT
Uhhhh I'm not sure how much Nortel would like that.  I could probably 
get away with punching a set or two but going into mass production would 
probably look a little suspicious.  I figure the first few would go like 

My Manager:  So Ryan what are you guys building today?
Me: uhhh they're retaining braces for the ISDN shelf assmbly on the 
    SNZY (pronounced sneezey, like the dwarf) SuperNode Frame
My Manager: good, very well then, snap some digital pictures once you 
            get them mounted in the frame
Me: umm ok

I also think they might catch on to me when I back up my Explorer to the 
load dock to pick up some "scrap" aluminum that's been powder coated.  
If I did it legally like with a PO and stuff I would have to charge like 
700 bucks each or something like that.  It takes a bit of moola to get 
the ole Trumph Minimatic 1000 punching machine in action. The labor 
costs alone are astronomical! :p


>From: "Barr, Scott" <sbarr@mccarty-law.com>
>To: "'Ryan Smith'" <shmitty99@hotmail.com>, spitfires@Autox.Team.Net
>Subject: RE: SPITFIRE Engine side plates
>Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998 17:19:40 -0500
>Reply-To: "Barr, Scott" <sbarr@mccarty-law.com>
>Hmmmm....  Are you going to do this like Joe's doing the window
>stickers? ;-)
>Scott Barr
>72 GT6
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>> From:        Ryan Smith [SMTP:shmitty99@hotmail.com]
>> Sent:        Tuesday, August 11, 1998 5:10 PM
>> To:  spitfires@Autox.Team.Net
>> Subject:     Re: SPITFIRE Engine side plates
>> I need some valences too.  I have the old ones in my trunk ... err
>> boot 
>> but they're shot.  In the machine shop where I'm working now we make 
>> lot of prototype sheet metal pieces for telecommunications equipment 
>> (Nortel).  I wouldn't dare to dream that anybody has ever entered
>> these 
>> patternes into a cad program preferably Pro Engineer?  Reason I ask,
>> if 
>> I have percise (CAD) drawings I can input them into our automatic 
>> punching machine and mill those bad boys in like 30 seconds flat.  
>> have to bend them in the press but that doesn't take long either.  
>> Powder coat them black and I'd be set.  I wonder what guage aluminum
>> to 
>> use. 0.090"?  
>> Just thinking aloud on the list.
>> Ryan Smith
>> Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Tech
>> Emerald Green, 72 Spitfire
>> >From: Andrew Miller <amiller@JetForm.com>
>> >To: "'Spitfires'" <spitfires@Autox.Team.Net>
>> >Subject:  SPITFIRE Engine side plates
>> >Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998 16:07:55 -0400
>> >Reply-To: Andrew Miller <amiller@JetForm.com>
>> >
>> >
>> >Rod Randle supplied me with some tracings of his engine side 
>> >earlier this year.  I had previously emailed measured sketches (I
>> don't
>> >pretend to be a draughtsman) which showed to size, cuts etc.
>> >
>> >I'll restore the GIF skecthes tonight and post them tomorrow on a 
>> >site with a second email to this list with the URL
>> >
>> >Andrew
>> >78 Spitfire with new painted valances (wild raspberry Tremclad is
>> awful
>> >close to Triumph Damson)
>> >

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