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Re: Engine paint

To: Edward Hamilton <hamilton@ptd.net>
Subject: Re: Engine paint
From: Ronald Fowler <triumph@ameritech.net>
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 13:32:19 -0500
Ronald Fowler wrote:

> > The color of the valve cover is a light shade of blue on 1980 1500's
> > as well as some late '79 California models.  Both have black blocks to
> > go with those big black bumpers!
> >
> > Ron Fowler
> > '80 Inca Yellow Spit with overdrive

Edward Hamilton wrote:
> I recall reading something, someplace, that mentioned blue valve covers
> being used as a means to readily identify California engines.


This is probably the case.  I have been conducting a study of 1980
Spitfires (California and Federal models) and have found that all 50+
examples in my survey have had the light blue valve cover and have had
the UCE engine code suffix formerly reserved for California (CA)
emission models.  The reasoning for this, as I have been told, is that
Triumph knew the end was near and stamped all the engines this way and
loaded the cars with the California emissions stuff!  I have owned the
10th '80 produced and the 1999th and the engines were identical despite
the 10th being a CA model with a red CA emissions sticker and the 1999th
with a yellow Federal emissions sticker.

Getting ready to watch the shuttle takeoff,

Ron Fowler

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