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Re: clutch brand

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Subject: Re: clutch brand
From: "James Carpenter" <james.carpenter@jccsystems.swinternet.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 19:29:26 +0100
>Time to do my clutch now, and I am curious as to what brand is best. I
>searched the archive with no results. My local shop recommends borg&beck
>@$139 for the 3 pc. set. So:
>1. Is this the brand to go with, or is there something better?
>2. If it is the one how's the price sound?
>3. Should I do anything else while already in there?
>TIA, Avi.
>I find it quite annoying to check my clutch fluid level every 1600
>millimeters of driving, as recommended by my haynes manual. (that's mm. not
>km.) But I guess that's a small price to pay for such fun cars.

There is no AP clutch kit, rather a Borg&Beck-AP clutch kit.

The Borg&Beck-AP 3-1 clutch kit is Roles-Royce of clutch kits.  For my
spitfire 1500 it was kit HK8917, I payed 68UKP inc VAT so I recon on about
60 poung ex VAT.  Dont know the curent exchainge rate, but that sounds about
correct.  It has some realy good instructions in the pack which must be
read.  Even special red lithium grease is provided.

As well as the clutch kit you will very short sighted not to get the two
bellhousing clutch pin brass bushes.  A clutch pin with a cap to stop it
falling through and a new spring tolerance ring.

Got all that from John Kipping's http://www.kipping.co.uk I went to visit in
person, and sussed out all the alternatives, and plumped for what I have
told you.  I am so glad I folowed his advice.

Anyway, unbolt the slave cylinder and pull it through complete into the
bulkhead.  Otherwhise you will need to order 5L of brakefulid to get all the
air out!


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