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Re: Timing

To: Marcus Schaper <mschaper@gvpt.umd.edu>,
Subject: Re: Timing
From: Mike Ginter <mginter@concentric.net>
Date: Sun, 02 Apr 2000 20:13:31 -0600
Having just done this yesterday on my 76, I can tell you exactly what it
should be.  Vacuum connected, 800-900 rpm, and 2 degrees ATDC.  I set my
at 1000 rpm, vacuum connected, and 0 degrees because that's what felt
right and ran well.  In fact, if I back off to 800 rpm, it would
probably be at 2 degrees ATDC.


Marcus Schaper wrote:
> Listers,
> a couple weeks ago I replaced the distributor on my '76 1500 and added a 
>Lumenition. I set the timing by ear for lack of a timing light at that point. 
>I went back today to check the timing and was surprised to find it so much 
>advanced that it was off the scale (no emissions equipment left on car, vacuum 
>connected, idle 700 rpm, single vacuum advance dizzy).
> On my timing scale was a yellow dot at 2 ATDC, so I now set the timing to 
>about 1 ATDC (vacuum connected, 700 RPM).
> Is this is about right? I only have manuals for the 1296 engine and never had 
>a car with a single Stromberg before.
> Should I set the timing with vacuum connected or disconnected?
> The car ran fine with the far advanced ignition and still idles great with 
>the new setting - it's raining today so I haven't taken it for a ride with the 
>revised timing. It starts at the first key turn.
> Marcus

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