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RE: Oiling trunnions + jacking up

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Subject: RE: Oiling trunnions + jacking up
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Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 08:58:44 -0500
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Subject: Re: Oiling trunnions + jacking up

Is this thread going around again????

Personally, I don't believe it is worth the effort to disassemble the
suspension in order to get the old grease out, unless someone
used a very thick type that is prone to hardening.  Today's grease
technology lends itself well to lubricating the Spit trunnions of
the proper type is used.  I have tried it both ways and find that the
trunnions remained lubricated just as well with modern grease as
they do with gear oil. (Maybe better if yours leak)!

Therefore, if you can shoot more grease into the system, just do that on a
regular basis and I doubt you will have any wear problems.

Bear in mind when these systems were designed, the typical grease that was
available turned to wax in a matter of time.



Let me chime in here with my two cents worth. Yes, the shop manual
says to use 90 weight gear oil on the front trunnions. I have owned
my '73 since 1975. A year after I bought the car, I took it in for
MOT, and it failed because of play in the suspension. I decided to
replace the trunnions, ball joints and tie rod ends. Lubed the trunnions
with grease, didn't see the bit about using 90 weight in the manual.

Fast forward to 1999. In a fit of shipwrights disease, I d decided
to replace the brake lines, both hard and flexible, replace the
rear wheel cylinders, the front and rear brake shoes/pads, replace
the bushings with poly, and replace the ball joints, tie rod ends
and trunnions.

The old trunnions had been lubed regularly with grease. When I pulled
them out and inspected them, they were essentially un-worn. This
after 60000+ miles.

Take it as you want, but I don't think that if you use a quality
grease on your trunnions, you are going to have any problems.


Doug Mitchell

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