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From: "Laura Gharazeddine" <Laura.G@141.com>
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 12:36:18 -0600
>>>Traffic does
>>>go that fast when it can around here (and 85-90 the 

>>>My car has no trouble doing that all day (two road trips
>>>to AZ demonstrated that... even got 29 MPG at that speed)
>>Wow! 29 mpg! I get more like 20 when cruising in 4th above 
>>4000rpm. I get probably closer to 25 with I drop the speed down.
>Then something's wrong.   Even allowing for the fact that your 

>are smaller than ours, that's still very poor performance.   The 

>time I did a long drive at high speed (200 miles, averaging 80 

mph) my
>fuel consumption was just a shade under 40 miles per imperial 

>I get about 32 mpg commuting in rush hour.

But Carly is a stock engine. Nigel is a rebuilt-balanced and 
blueprinted, over-bored, hot cammed engine with Webers. The first 
1000 miles I had the car (I picked it up, it only had a couple of 
hundred miles on it), the gas mileage was even worse! Then the 
motor got a little more broken in, the carbs jetted and it got 
better. Improved little by little the first year and then leveled 
off at present consumption.

I've also noticed that each year I have it, the engine runs better 
and better every year!

Everyone criticizes this engine, and the way Dave did stuff, but 
like he said the other night-he built it to please him-it was his 
car. And I said-I wish these guys would shut up about the 
engine-that's the part of the car that doesn't give me any 

In fact, none of the Spitfires I've had had engine problems.

Laura G.

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