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RE: Petrol smell

To: "'Rachel Dixon'" <rachel.dixon@tate.org.uk>,
Subject: RE: Petrol smell
From: Davies William-qswi646 <William.M.Davies@motorola.com>
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 14:41:16 +0100
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> From: Rachel Dixon [mailto:rachel.dixon@tate.org.uk]
> However, when I'm driving in heavy traffic (central London), 
> and doing a lot
> of low gear changes, the increasing smell of petrol gets 
> quite overwhelming!

Hi Rachel,
        I've recently been working to fix the heavy fuel smell on our
Triumph 2000, so this is a subject quite fresh in my mind (work on the 2000
now succesfully completed). While you say you've checked the boot area for
leaked fuel, have you checked the shelf area behind the front seats? As the
Spitfire tank is mounted high above the differential, leaked fuel can run
down either the rear to the boot or forwards into the cabin. Other than the
fuel lines which you say you've already checked, it is possible that the
float bowls of the carburettors are overfilling if one of the valves is
jammed open. If this was the case I would expect some other running
problems, but it's still possible. The only other obvious area for a leak is
around the fuel pump on the left hand side of the engine, which should be
easily visible. I have found the rubber diaphragm in the fuel pump can
become porous, allowing fuel to leak into the oil, but I wouldn't expect
this to give such a pronounced smell of raw fuel.
        If you draw a blank with all of these areas, it is possible that
your carburettors are set for too rich a mixture and you can smell unburnt
fuel from your exhaust - again, I would expect a lumpy idle if this was the
case. The other thing to consider is that in a low slung open car (I do hope
you're driving with the roof down....) you're much more exposed to the fumes
from everyone else's vehicles.
        Hope that helps in some way.

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