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Re: purchasing 78 spitfire

To: MKCASPIAN1@aol.com
Subject: Re: purchasing 78 spitfire
From: Bradley D Richardson <bradrichardson@juno.com>
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 14:04:03 -0800

Yes, I have some thoughts on the subject.  Do NOT buy the PA spit. 
Instead, buy my 78 Spit, I'll even promise to hold it for you until
Spring, even summer.

And no, we're not getting out of the Spit arena, we just don't need two. 
Keeping the 80 spit until the day I die.

Brad in Oregon


On Sat, 9 Feb 2002 15:41:42 EST MKCASPIAN1@aol.com writes:
> Well, here is our dilemma.  We are going to PA to look at a 78 
> spitfire to 
> purchase, but the only time we can get there in the next few months 
> is next 
> week..Now, this cas has had an off the frame restoration, complete 
> with 
> sandblasting, priming, and new paint.  There is no rust.  It has 
> been driven 
> less than 1000 miles since restoration. However, if it snowy when we 
> get 
> there, we probably won't be able to or want to drive around in the 
> snow and 
> salt.  Therefore, we would have to return in the spring, probably 
> not until 
> May, for test driving.  By then, of course, it will probably be 
> gone.  So - 
> should we be buying a car without a complete test drive?  I know the 
> complete 
> history of this car, and its really a good one, but its 11 hours 
> away for us.
> Any thoughts? The price seems right.
> John
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