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RE: Spitfire Dash cover

To: Roger Elliott <elliottr@rmi.net>, spitfires
Subject: RE: Spitfire Dash cover
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Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 06:27:41 -0500
I, too have a 1980 Spit.  I recovered the dash with a cover and have about
one half inch of the old dash showing, even when I push against the new dash
cover with my feet!

But, it's only noticeable if I look for it and look downward through the

I thought about putting a small black rubber seal, such as a piece of the
door seal, into the crevasse in order to seal it.  Next go-around, maybe.

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Subject: Spitfire Dash cover

Hi <

I recently purchased a dash cover ("Dashtop" ) for my 80 Spitfire.
Sometime ago I  had  stripped the original dash vinyl and covered it
with upholstery vinyl,  I pulled that vinyl off, as it wasn't very
smooth, before I put the new Dashtop on.  The dashtop seemed to fit okay
until I put it in the car.  There is now about a 3/4" strip of foam
showing between the dash cover and the windshield.  I looked under the
dash and there may be a 1/4" between the screws that hold the dash top
down and the back edge of the slot that they fit into -  not near as
much as I need.

So my question is, when a dash cover is applied is there a strip of the
old dash showing near the windshield ?   Any suggestions on what I did
wrong?  (It is pushed all the way back into the fold at the front of the
dash pad).


Roger Elliott

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