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Re: RBR News - Finished!

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Subject: Re: RBR News - Finished!
From: "Suzie" <suzie.singleton@virgin.net>
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 16:57:06 +0100
John Zissler wrote:
> What a truly remarkable job Suzie did in keeping us armchair enthusiasts
> entertained and informed throughout this journey. I for one would buy her
> drink should our paths cross at any future event. Well done Suzie. Not
> forgetting all the other Triumph Pilots who made this weekend one to
> remember. A public thankyou from John and Ann.

Thank you so much for the 'acclaim' John, though perhaps I should have
re-phrased that a little. The 'Acclaim to Fame' boys with Jason & Craig did
a great job too of keeping the Herald list updated. It was just very
frustrating from my point of view sending my updates through and seeing them
appear on the other lists straight away but being so delayed on the Herald
one. Never mind, I achieved what I intended and it was certainly very
satisfying to actually get the web page working during the event though I
learnt a lot of lessons on how *not* to do it for the future :o)


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