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To: "Triumphs" <Triumphs@autox.team.net>,
Subject: weather NO LBC CONTENT
From: "Fred Thomas" <vafred@erols.com>
Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 14:25:18 -0400
Well, well, today in N. VA. it's clear blue skies and over 80 degrees, down
goes the top, on goes the shades, the hat, the sun tan lotion, start the car,
open the garage door and whom is standing there, yep you guessed it. "SHE"
says the grass is 8" high and you "think" you're going out sporting around,
yea sure, get the yard work done and "think" about a ride, afterall the
forecast is for thunder storms "all" weekend.  @#$%$#  "FT"

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