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[Spits] 78 Spit

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Subject: [Spits] 78 Spit
From: "Art" <amatluck@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 18:35:16 -0400
I have been a subscriber to the list for several years.  My first car was a
'64 Spit, Signal Red, my first accessory was a blonde named Kathy.  The car is
long since gone but I still have Kathy. I am not mechanically astute, nor do I
know much about Spits, but I do enjoy the list.  It brings back many fond
memories and stories that I myself have trouble believing.

I live in south Florida and have seen an ad for a white '78 Spit priced at a
negotiable $3300.  My questions are: what do I look for, and what's it worth?
Any advice or comments would be appreciated.


Art Matluck
Port St. Lucie, Fl

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