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Re: fact or fiction

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Subject: Re: fact or fiction
From: "Leo Speichinger" <ldsp@flash.net>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 20:13:41 -0600
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Very well put. One mans advice may be the perfect way to him but not to the
next, read, decide, modify, take responsibility for your own way.

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Date: Friday, February 06, 1998 11:42 AM
Subject: Re: fact or fiction

>My Frogeye has been an integral part of my life for nigh on to 37
>years.  I have slept in it, I have cried over it, I have made love it
>in, I have sworn at it, and it has drawn my blood.  I own most of the
>manuals and books dealing with it.
>Having said that, I have to admit that I still don't know a helluva lot
>about my Frogeye.  That is exactly the reason while I value both the
>Healey and Spridget lists, and why I have been saving so much
>information from these lists to build my own book of information.
>Yes, some of the posts on these lists contain "inaccuracies, untruths,
>and just plain old wrong information".  But so do ALL of the books and
>manuals published over the years.  Even in the Austin, BMC, and Leyland
>publications, errors can be found.
>To denigrate the opinions voiced here would only serve to mute and
>silence the views of others.  If it is felt that those views are in
>error, it would be far better to offer an alternative thought.
>> My post was concerning the Healey lsit, not the Spridget list... I cc'd
>> Spridget list because many subscribers used to belong to the Healey
>> but left  because of the reasons I stated.
>I suspect that those who abandoned the Healey list did so because the
>Spridget list focused solely on their interests.  I have stayed on the
>Healey list because I find that it still has a great deal to offer the
>owner of a Sprite.
>Bob Evans
>Anaheim, California
>Frogeyes AN 5L/762,  AN 5L/6893

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