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Re: fact or fiction

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Subject: Re: fact or fiction
From: Lancer7676@aol.com
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 18:44:05 EST
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Hear, hear, Jim--

Well thought out response.  I too am something of a novice and have had
numerous questions.  The great guys who have been there, done that, have
really been one of the great time and effort savers.  I don't know what
misinformation is being referred to but any prudent restorer will always refer
to the manual and specs.  It's like asking a master LBC mechanic to look at
the mains to see whether the clearance is adequate, he eyeballs it, turns the
crank a couple of turns, and says it is fine--It would be nuts not to
plastigage (a technique I recently learned from the mail exchange, by the way)
it and/or to have it mic'ed by a machinist.  But there is a mountain of
valuable information here and it serves its purpose.

I enjoyed your comment about taking it warts and all!!!  I will!!!  Thank you
my friends on the exchange!!!

     '67 Sprite MKIV, Vicky

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