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Re: Sprite progress photos

To: John Holliday <fprodget@yahoo.com>, spridgets@autox.team.net
Subject: Re: Sprite progress photos
Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2000 16:40:31 -0500
John..... nice car!
        RACE IT!
.....or sell it to someone who will.
My reasoning: someone will want to have a Sprite race car. They could make 
one from a restorable driver, which takes one more off the street, or they 
could use yours. And, if you want a street driver, I think you'll be 
disappointed with a car with as many race mods as this one. I don't think 
it would be comfortable on the street. To make it so would require you to 
remove some things that are very nicely installed. I guess I would rethink 
your plan, if I were you.
        Just my opinion, one of 2 things that everyone has. <g>
        Peter C

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