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CT British Cars By the Sea

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Subject: CT British Cars By the Sea
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 23:18:47 EDT
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British Cars by the Sea was terrific fun this year!

While I live in SW CT, I made the journey, and it was well worth it. 
Fantastic weather, and scores of beautiful cars at a sensational state park 
with a mansion, gardens, and a commanding view of the water. 

All British marques were well represented. It was fun to see a Morgan Trike 
for the first time, plus a surprising showing of Stag's and TVR's. The 
Healy's had a really strong showing, but most impressive was the breadth of 
MG's there.

As a Midget owner, I have never in my life seen so many in one place. Great 
fun. Of course the B's commanded the field, along with a strong group of 
MGA's (one with PA plates!), and the T-series cars. 

Rounding out the lot were plenty of Triumphs, a Pre-WWII Rolls Royce, plus a 
score of Land Rovers. 

78 Midget
03 Mini? Wife saw the new MIni at the show and wants one BAD!

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