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Re: Breaking in a rebuilt motor...

To: "Thompson, Michael (CCI-Atlanta)" <Michael.Thompson@cox.com>, <spridgets@autox.team.net>
Subject: Re: Breaking in a rebuilt motor...
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 22:19:24 -0700

Whatever you do, make sure you estabish oil pressure without starting the
engine. Sometimes you will have air in the pump and it will not pump oil
just by starting the engine. Once you are ready to start the engine, run it
for 20 minutes keeping it in the 2000 to 2500 RPM range (you should vary
the speed slightly every few minutes). This will break in the cam properly.
The head should be re-torqued after a couple full warm-up/cool-downs.
Re-adjust the valves after re-torquing the head. I change the oil and
filter at the 1st 500 miles.

There are varying opinions on how hard to run the engine when it new. I
generally take it fairly easy and don't push the revs way up until I can
feel the engine doesn't feel as tight. Mine is just getting eased up at
1000 miles. Some people say they notice a temperature change (hotter when
new) but mine has always run at around 170 degrees from day 1. I wonder if
the coating on the inside of the block made a difference. The Datsun 210 I
just finished rebuilding for a Morris (and also coated) also runs at a very
steady 180 degrees, even with the electric fan off while cruising.


At 9:27 AM -0400 6/2/02, Thompson, Michael (CCI-Atlanta) wrote:
>Well...the time has finally come.  A little over 2 years ago, my old 1275
>motor kicked the bucket.  Being a poor college student, my little joyride
>sat in the garage for over a year.  After that, I shipped it off to my
>mechanic for him to replace the engine with a newly rebuilt one whenever
>he got a chance to.  (kind-of a charity project)  Well...after another
>YEAR (yes...a year) at the shop, it's finally ready for me to come pick it
>up.  (after a couple years experience on other cars, I think I might be
>able to take it from here)  Anyways...I'm sure the mechanic will go over a
>few basics of breaking the motor in, but I've learned to rely on the
>combined experience of 'the list'.  Let's have some details on things that
>I will need to do to properly break this motor in.  :-)
>Thanks in advance!
>-Mike Thompson
>'71 Spridget w/it's new heart transplant!

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