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Re: [midgetsprite] Magnetic sump plugs

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Subject: Re: [midgetsprite] Magnetic sump plugs
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 15:18:49 -0400
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Aircraft Spruce & Specialty P/N 12-30245.  Cost in old catalog:  $96.00!!!
Why, you ask?  Because the FAA requires that oil filters be cut open and
inspected, that's why.  I've seen them opened with a sharpened srewdriver, tho.

Geoff Branch
'74 Meejit "Yellow Peril"
'72 Innocenti 1300 Mini
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Subject: Re: [midgetsprite] Magnetic sump plugs

> oh boy!  another tool i do not have......what's the part number for that?
> AN-cutter-bigbucks?  lol!  i just love aircraft stuff!!!!!!
> chuck.
> heck i now own the tubing notcher to do diagonal cuts for rollbar

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